Pupil Premium


Please see the attached strategy document for a detailed overview of our plans.

Within Stone Hill School we are funding the following initiatives:

  • New literacy programmes across Lower and Upper School to improve outcomes in Reading, Writing and GPS.
  • Targeted interventions for pupils in literacy and numeracy as well as social skills and positive behaviour.
  • Additional swimming lessons with a focus on developing life skills and promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Regular parent support groups over the school year to keep parents up to date with learning in the school and give them opportunities to meet key members of staff and chat to other parents.
  • Small group support with our Learning Mentors, focusing on building resilience and independence.
  • Promoting confidence and social skills through participation in music and choir.
  • Ongoing training for all of our staff in supporting learning and the development of social and communication skills, as well as opportunities for outdoor learning including cycling proficiency, residentials and Duke of Edinburgh.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium

Review of 2019-20 Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Grant
Year 7 pupils benefited from targeted interventions and additional Mathematics lesson with the school’s Mathematics subject lead.  In addition, one more teacher and teaching assistants offered support in small groups (1:3 ratio).  From autumn to spring, content covered included the pre-teaching of key concepts in Mathematics (such as fractions and time) to address misconceptions and lay solid foundations to support pupils in reaching these objectives with their class teachers. From spring to summer pupils used and applied concepts learnt early in the year to a range of situations in order to ensure their knowledge was embedded.

As a results of the interventions put in place, all students made good progress towards their end of year targets.  Their class teachers found that pupils moved more quickly through the objectives in class for the units of work that were covered in catch up (especially with regard to fractions and time).

Where it is seen as beneficial, pupils work in small groups or one to one with staff to deliver targeted support and help pupils to catch up in areas identified through ongoing monitoring and tracking of progress.

The Mathematics and English subject leaders work closely with Y7 teachers and support staff to ensure all pupils are on track to meet their targets in Reading, Writing, GPS and Mathematics.  The focus in Writing is on planning, writing and reflecting.  Reading will be supported through the assessments carried out using RWI baseline assessments and identifying pupils’ areas of need.  In Maths, catch up lessons will use the pre-teach approach to support effective learning.

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PE & Sports Premium

Within Stone Hill School we are using PE and Sport Premium funding to deliver various programs to help improve pupils’ motor skills and support their sensory needs. Key Stages 1 & 2 access a fundamental movement program as part of their Physical Education curriculum.  This provides them with stepping stones on which to build when moving on up through the school thus giving them opportunities to access a wide variety of PE and extra-curricular activities.

The motor skills sessions provide pupils with extra support to help improve fine and gross motor skills. This is done on a one to one basis, with a specific program designed to individual needs, based on personalised learning targets. This provides pupils with the skills to help them complete everyday tasks that others may take for granted. Each pupil receives personalised lessons twice a week (for 30 minutes) and is given a pack of activities to complete within the class with the support of teaching assistants. Progress is monitored through evidence from the pupils’ work and also through a data collection sheet which records areas of achievement and areas pupils will focus on. This year, programs were created and shared with parents and carers so that they could work on these skills with their child at home.

The funding provided has also been used to purchase equipment to create packs to be loaned out to further support parent/carers with these programs. These programs and resources were reviewed every term to ensure that progress was made and support children in achieving their full potential.

To further develop and promote a healthy lifestyle for all pupils, a range of bicycles, tricycles and go-carts were purchased. The school recognises that having the skills and confidence to ride a bike safely can further develop life skills in the wider community. A programme of cycle training is currently being developed and includes; learning to ride, Bike-ability (road safety), mountain biking (off road cycling) and cycle maintenance. Pupils are assessed as to their current ability in accessing the relevant programmes. Having the ability to access cycling out in the community will not only have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of a young person but will also create more opportunities for independence which is paramount for Stone Hill pupils.

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