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Parent View

Could we please ask you to take the time to give your views about the school on the Ofsted Parent View. Click the attached link Ofsted Parent View

Doncaster Carers Reach Out Service: Diary dates – please click here for more information.

Early Help: Early Help Information Booklet. Please click here for more information.

Aiming High: Together Information Exchange Membership Card. Please click here for details.

Doncaster Parents Voice: The Max Card. A discount card for foster families and families of children with addition need. Please click here for more details. DPV Leaflet.

Parents Support Group – 8th February 2019 – Please click here for more information.

Parents Support Group – 29th January 2019 – Please click here for more information.

Parents Support Group – 4th December 2018 – Please click here for more information.

Parents Support Group – 13th November 2018. Please click here for more information.

Parents Support Group – 16th October 2018. Please click here for more information.

Parents Support Group – 2nd October 2018. Please click here for more information.

Parents Support Group – 25th September 2018. Please click here for more information.

Careers Information:Whilst at Stone Hill, pupils are taught the skills and attitudes required to enable them to become as independent as they can be and to prepare for adulthood. We aim for pupils to have an enriched and stimulating curriculum to give them every opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of their gender, race, learning disability or physical disability. Please click here for more information. Please click here for our policy statement.

Club Doncaster Titans – Inclusive football for all – please click here for more details.

Bentley Youth Hub – Please click here for more details.

L.A.D.D.E.R Group –  Young Persons Disability Forum.  Please click here to find more details

Saturday & After School Clubs - Please click here for more detail

SSE Wildcats – Inclusive football sessions for girls aged 5 -11. Please click here for more information.

Care2Dance – Do you have a disability? We have the class for you! Please click here for more details.


How to stay safe from sexual abuse, exploitation and other risks they might encounter online such as sharing content.  Please click  here for Play Like Share trailer.

Merlin’s Magic Wand Charity

Merlin’s have set up a charity called Merlin’s Magic Wand. Families with a child with disabilities can apply for a free day out. Please click on the link for more details.

Doncaster Education & Skills

Doncaster Education & Skills Commission – please see attached for details. Children also have the opportunity to have their say. Please click here for further details.


Brainwave helps children living with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence.  The children have a range of diagnoses: autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, developmental delay and rare genetic disorders. For more information

Autism Family Practioners – Community Clinics Programme 

This is Doncaster service working with children and young people with a diagnosis of autism (0-19), their families and professionals. They offer advice and support through community clinics; this can be either face to face or over the telephone.

Dexx Skatepark and Sport England Scooting for the Disabled – The Skatepark is working  with Sport England to run Scooting sessions for Disabled young people.  Please have a look at the Newsletter. Please click here

Please  call the park on 01709 871861 for more Information. The contact there is Hilary Royston.

Sleep Success Clinic  The Children’s Sleep Charity (please click here) offer support to all families of children aged 12 months upwards who are experiencing sleep difficulties.

Social Media  Stone Hill School is aware that social media is a useful tool that parents use to communicate.  However the School is concerned that negative comments may be made in such postings against the education establishment.  You must be aware that such postings are considered in law to be accessible to the general public and you are therefore subject to the laws of defamation, malicious communication and improper use of the communications network.  Any offensive or false allegations against the education establishment or its employees will be notified to the Police.  If you have concerns with any aspect of your child’s education and learning you should contact the Headteacher, Mr P Scotting.

Stone Hill School READING BOOK LEVELS : Book Bands Explained (please click here)  Parents and carers can now view a guide to the reading book levels within lower school by clicking on the link above.  If you would like any further help with your child’s reading at home, please do not hesitate to contact the school and we will be happy to help.

Can diet treat/manage symptoms of autism?  Parents/carers can help with Research Project!
Research is being conducted at Sheffield Hallam University which is investigating parents’/caregivers’ beliefs and intentions to use gluten free casein free diets (GFCF) for the treatment/management of their child’s symptoms of autism. If you have a child aged 5-12 years who is on the autism spectrum you are invited to complete an online questionnaire only. Please complete whether you have never tried, have tried but no longer use, or are currently using a GFCF diet for your child. You are not asked to provide any identifiable information therefore all data will be anonymous. If you would like more information about this study and wish to take part please click on the link. This will take you to the online questionnaire.

Aspergers Youth Club – All Welcome!
The Aspergers Youth Club (AYC) provides a safe, non-judgemental and fun environment for children and young people aged 8 years and over with Aspergers or High Functioning ASD in the Doncaster area.

The Club meets every Wednesday during term time at the Intake and Belle Vue Children’s Centre on Ardeen Road, Intake, Doncaster, DN2 5EU, between 5.30pm and 7.00pm.

There is a table tennis table, a Wii, a PS2, a small pool table, games, toys, arts and craft materials, Lego & K’nex etc. There is also a tuck shop, where you can buy a selection of crisps, chocolate bars, canned pop and other drinks, all very reasonably priced. Every month there is a cooking or baking session, and the Club holds sponsored events, goes out for meals, and has a yearly trip to the seaside.  There is even a separate sibling’s room, for those wishing to spend a little time apart from their ASD brother or sister.

Parents enjoy sharing a cuppa and a chat, and offer support and advice to each other.  It’s a great chance for children to make new friends, which opens up new opportunities for social development both in and away from the club.

Everyone is welcome to come along and join in.  Should you require any further information please e-mail Karena at

The Club also has its very own Facebook page – copy and paste the following link into your browser –

Please be aware that a parent / carer is expected to stay on the premises whilst their child is at the Club.


Parent/Carer Questionnaire Reponses 2018

Thank you to all those parents who have completed the parent/carer questionnaires. Thank you for all your kind comments.

Parent/Carer Questionnaire Responses 2018

Yes Mostly Sometimes No
No. % No. % No. % No. %
My child like coming to school. 59 80 14 19 1 1
My child feels safe in school. 70 95  4 5
My child is making progress in school. 70 95  3 4
The school helps my son/daughter to be as independent as possible in preparation for life. 69 93 3 4  2 3
The school helps my child to stay healthy through exercise, self-care and diet awareness. 73 99 1 1
The school is a welcoming place to visit. 73 99
The school deals with racist and bullying incidents effectively. 71 96 3 4
The school keeps me well informed about my child’s progress. 69 93 5 7
Our school operates an open-door policy where you can contact us with any problems as they occur. Have you found this to be the case? 74 100


KS1&2 Pupil Questionnaire Responses 2018

Yes Not Sure No
I enjoy coming to school. 35 1 1
My school helps me to stay healthy. 34 3
I feel safe when I am at school. 33 4
I enjoy learning at school. 32 4 1
Behaviour is good at my school. 33 3
Staff in my school care about me. 36 1
My teachers listen to me. 36 1
I know how well I am doing at school. 36 1 1
Adults explain to me how to improve my work. 34 2 1
My school helps me to get ready for my next class. 36 1
The adults in my school do a good jobI take part in clubs during lunch. 3637 1


KS3 & KS4 Pupil Questionnaire Responses 2018

Yes Not Sure No
I enjoy coming to school. 63 5
My school helps me to be healthy and have a healthy body and mind. 60 7 1
I feel safe when I am at school. 67 1
I enjoy learning at my school. 66 2
Behaviour is good at my school. 60 6 2
Staff in my school care about me. 66 2
My teachers listen to me. 68
I know how well I am doing at school. 63 5
Adults explain to me how to improve my work. 64 2 1
My school helps me to prepare for the future e.g. college. 64 3 1
I take part in clubs during lunch. 54 2 12


RDA  On a Wednesday afternoon KS2 pupils have the opportunity to visit Rossington Hall Riding for the Disabled.  Click here for information.

Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board is the statutory multi-agency group with a responsibility for monitoring how local services are planned and delivered in order to ensure Doncaster’s children and young people are looked after properly, kept safe and protected from harm.   This information is mainly for service providers, practitioners and other professionals but it is hoped that parents/carers, children and young people will also find the pages useful.



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