Outdoor Classroom

School Council received a request from 9SL for an outdoor classroom in the quiet area near the second MUGA. Their suggestion was to create an Amphitheatre, with a raised seating area to deliver all lessons including English, Drama, Circle Time and nature etc. School Council voted and agreed that this was a very good idea, which would also combine Eco School (nature and outdoor learning) and link with volunteer work as part of Duke of Edinburgh. The whole school were involved in the design and submitted plans and proposals and a final plan was agreed; a stage area would be created with a canopy over the top. It was decided that we could use some money that had been very kindly donated to school.  The money was for something that everybody could use and enjoy. The stage is positioned against the back fence. The School Council agreed Mr Ludlam would lead on the project.

Materials were purchased; Year 10 and 11 pupils prepared the area which linked to their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering work. Mr Lilley and pupils also created a blank backdrop on the fence which can be changed in line with the topic and lesson being delivered. The seating area is easy to remove and position depending upon the lesson being delivered. It is made of 5 boxes (seating approximately15-18 people). The seating was made by Mr Lilley with Year 7, 8, & 9 pupils during technology lessons.

Those pupils working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award helped lay the stones. Lower school have contributed by planting flowers ready to be planted into the area with upper school adding the finishing touches.

Please take a look at the collection of photographs taken during the project.


Well done to everyone!

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